China Relinquishes Hosting Rights for Asian Cup and Other Trending News

Viral math genius refutes rumors, Elon Musk wants to meet Chinese doppleganger, 2023 soccer tournament won’t be held in China, livestreaming restricted for kids—it’s Viral Week


53 Dead in Building Collapse and Other Trending News

Cooking and cleaning added to school curriculum, Weibo shows users’ locations, Beijing Covid-19 restrictions tighten, Changsha building collapses—it’s Viral Week


The Coke Standard: Inside Shanghai’s Lockdown Barter Economy

Shanghai’s residents have turned to swapping supplies under lockdown—but is Coca-Cola really the most in-demand item?


One Infographic to Understand China’s Covid-19 Timeline

A look at the key dates, developments, and lockdown locations in the pandemic of the last two years


Shanghai Lockdown Fitness Livestreamer Goes Viral and Other Trending News

Stranded whale saved, Shanghai man finds snake in vegetable order, musician turns into lockdown fitness guru, monkey attacks toddler—it’s Viral Week


Three Stories of Shanghai Quarantine

From shelter hospitals to construction sites, hear from three ordinary people in quarantine in China’s biggest city


China’s Omicron Outbreak Spreads and Other Trending News

Evicted residents clash with police, 373 million under lockdown, astronauts return to Earth, Cui Jian plays at record-breaking online concert—it’s Viral Week


Covid-19 News You Missed Outside of Shanghai

From a student in Shandong expelled for protesting lockdown to a pet quarantine center in Shenzhen: Here’s how Covid-19 has affected other parts of China


Shanghai Struggles Under Lockdown and Other Trending News

Shanghai residents struggle with life under lockdown, another pet killed for virus prevention, Jay Chou victim of NFT heist, cyberbullying victim commits suicide—it’s Viral Week

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