The World of Chinese is one of the most authoritative resources on contemporary China, renowned for its in-depth reporting, objectivity, and human-centered approach to Chinese society. Part of the oldest publishing house in China, The Commercial Press, the magazine was launched in 2006 and continues in its aim to become an essential resource for readers wanting in-depth knowledge on Chinese life.

We don’t review the see-and-be-seen spots on the local scene, nor do we enumerate China’s dynasties or present lists of vocab. We convey the words of ordinary Chinese in the streets, the thoughts expressed on China’s immense blogosphere, and the phenomena that pop up everywhere in between to an English-speaking audience.

In addition to our bi-monthly English magazine, available in print and online, offers daily articles covering Chinese society, literature, culture, and history.

Our Purpose

We seek to plug knowledge gaps around Chinese culture by sharing human stories. We aim to let the world know what China is beyond the mainstream news coverage to create a better cultural exchange.

The World of Chinese explores real human stories beyond the headlines.
The World of Chinese puts people at the heart of every story.
The World of Chinese provides an in-depth reporting and researched look into Chinese culture and society.

We are an international team aiming to share stories that entertain, inform, and connect the growing community of people interested in China with life on the ground.

Our People

Chu Dandan

Chief Editor

Hatty Liu

Managing Editor

Liu Jue

Managing Editor

Sam Davies

Deputy Managing Editor

Alex Colville

Editor & Correspondent

Tan Yunfei

Editorial Director

Yang Tingting

Editor & Correspondent

Siyi Chu


Anita He


Cai Tao

Art Director

Xi Dahe


Dragos Cacio

Marketing Director

Grace Yao

Social Media Community Manager

Hong Jie

Senior Distribution Manager

Hu Qifei

Distribution Manager

William Tanza

Web Manager

Nicoco Chan

Multimedia Editor

Wendy Xu

Event Manager

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