Call of the Wild

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Get exclusive access to some of the best stories about China with on-the-ground insights about its society, people, art, and culture. Every magazine is a treasure trove of stories, thoroughly researched reporting and beautiful imagery that goes beyond polarized mainstream headlines.

The World of Chinese stands apart for the in-depth research and storytelling that bring to life China’s untold stories and it comes at no surprise that the magazine was a recent winner at the SOPA awards (Society of Publishers in Asia) and recognized for the depth of its articles and the beautiful imagery and photography that you will find in each of its issues.

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The World of Chinese: The Debt Issue
Something Old Something New Cover
2021-04 - Call of the Wild Issue
Alpine Ambitions cover
Grape Expectations Cover
Contagion Cover
High  Steaks Cover
Disaster Warning cover
Rural Rising Cover
Home Bound cover
China Chic cover
Funny Business Cover
Wild Rides Cover
The Good Life Cover
Tuning Up cover
China Dispatch: Fast Forward
The Naughty Nineties cover
Vital Signs cover
Modern Family Cover
Man Trouble Cover
Curiosities and Quests cover

Discover Our Published Books

Beyond our magazine, The World of Chinese also regularly publishes books that cover different regions of China. While they might feel like travel guides, they are focused on giving you an in-depth look at the local culture and discover places that are off the beaten path. Available both in print and online, these books will be your best resource for exploring China differently through both a historical lense and a contemporary one. Our best writers are going on the ground to get stories, culture and hidden gems worth exploring to truly grasp the China’s complexe culture.