A Cute Way of Saying No

One of the hottest Chinese memes to express rejection


Strange and Deadly Plastic Surgery Fads in China

China seeks to regulate cosmetic surgery as the procedures get more creative...and deadlier


72 Hours in Henan's Floods

Photos and voices from the people living through catastrophic floods central China


Choice Chengyu: Elephantine Phrases

Learn essential idioms about elephants from Chinese history


The Life of a Millennial Factory Worker

Pyramid Schemes, Menial Work, Debt—Over 40 years on from China's reform and opening, one young worker describes life in the country's factories today


Exploding Electronic Bikes Cause Havoc in Chinese Cities

Why do so many e-bikes start fires in China?


Viral Week: Father and son reunited after 24 years and other trending news

Father searches 24 years for trafficked son, man steals manhole covers to pay live streamer, a Kris Wu scandal—it's Viral Week


No Respite in Retirement for China's Migrating Elderly

As elders become their grandchildren’s primary caretakers, they face moving to the city in their old age


The Moral Burden of Being a Chinese Celebrity

Why do Chinese fans expect social responsibility and absolute morality from stars?


Why are Chinese Fans Calling Male Celebs "Wife"?

As male stars play more complex characters, female fans are giving them traditionally feminine labels

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